About Linda

Over 25 years experience

Linda, MSW, LCSW, has devoted over 25 years to effective therapeutic intervention in counseling from a Christian perspective. She has been particularly effective intervening with couples confronted with marital challenges, as well as individuals confronted with depression and anxiety, life transition challenges (i.e. related to college life, career transitions, seasons of life), parenting challenges, loss and grief recovery and sensitive issues pertaining to women.

Linda is Founder of Heart Seekers: Christian Coaching For Life and is a Life Coach to individuals desiring to fully and tangibly live out their personal visions and professional goals. She speaks at various churches, retreats, conferences and seminars that focus on topics such as communication and relationship, sexuality and setting boundaries. She and her husband offer seminars on marriage and parenting.

Linda also is a speaker with Grace Encouragement Ministries whose mission statement is to enable women to know who they are in Christ; encouraging them to pursue their calling and purpose in Christ’s Kingdom through the knowledge of His Word and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 2 Thes. 2:16-17.

We are all on a journey. Having been a therapist for individuals, couples, families and children, with over 25 years of experience, Linda has found many people who just need a little extra help to reach their heart’s desire.

Linda is married to Patrick who is an Associate Pastor at The Family Church in Gainesville, Florida. They have three adult children and their pug, CoCo.

certified professional life coach